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Face Yoga

Only 15 minutes a day to learn the basics of the facial exercises and to create a habit of a daily practice.

14 days online Face Yoga Course

Face Yoga is a set of facial exercises and expressions from various yoga practices mixed with an Asian art of a facial massage. It is a practice focused on improving the looks and health of the face but it has the same effect on the mind as any other traditional yoga practices: it calms, distresses and empties the mind.
Face Yoga can be practiced on its own as a separate activity or it can become the integral part of the daily traditional yoga practice of any style (Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, etc…). Face Yoga works as any other exercise introduced to the body. Mindful, proper movements help to keep the muscles young and healthy, like in the famous saying - use it or loose it!
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How the Face Yoga works?

When you exercise facial muscles they become stronger and bigger and fill up the skin from the inside out, improving the contour and the firmenss of the whole face. It works like a natural face-lift!

Once you gain some control over your facial muscles, you can influence or even completely change your mimics to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and avoid further wrinkling in the future. It works like a natural botox!

Condition of your skin improves due to stronger blood circulation. Skin gets tighter and more elastic, looks radiant, fresh, even blushed.

You can lift-up the corners of the mouth, get more difined cheeks, make the nosalabial lines (laugh lines) less visible and delay their development. Brings the natural smile to your face and get happy from all that smiling!

You can prevent and reduce double chin, remove tension from the jaw and neck and improve a shape of the jaw line. Your posture improve as you become aware of the movements of your head.

You can tone forehead muscles and reduce frown lines and wrinkles while letting go of the stress and releasing tension from the head. Relaxed forehead means less wrinkles.

You can remove and prevent puffiness around the eyes, lift the eye-corners, reduce crow's lines and make your eyes look bigger.

Your awareness improves as you become familiar with the whole new area of the body. You can control facial expressions during yoga asana classes, keeping your forehead, lips, jaw and neck relaxed.

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asia face_yoga_screen_9b86c3689c

This is what you get:

  • 16 short videos with the instructions. Each recorded class takes about 10 minutes;

  • Short homework assignments that take about 10-15 minutes per course day;

  • A 100 pages PDF workbook with detailed descriptions and photos;

  • An online community to share your experiences;

  • Unlimited access to all course materials;

  • Learn anytime, anywhere;

  • Start and finish the course at your own pace.

This course was created with the partnership of the Bindi Yoga School. You can buy this course through Bindi's webshop.

The years wrinkle our skin, but lack of enthusiasm wrinkles our soul.