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Online classes take place anytime and anywhere you want!

Live classes take place in Amersfoort in the Netherlands!
Private classes 1-on-1 Amersfoort
Weekly live classes Amersfoort
Online classes and courses

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not flexible - can I still practice Yoga?

Yes of course! You are in fact a perfect candidate. Often people think that they need a certain level of felxibility to start their yoga practice, but it's like thinking that you need to be able to play tennis in order to take tennis lessons. Comes as you are and yoga will help you become more flexible.

What do I take with me for the live classes?

You don't need to take anything with you. Mats, cushions, blankets and other props, tea and water are waiting for you at the place where the class takes place.

I am not fit - can I still practice Yoga?

Yes, you can. There is no level of fitness required to practice Yoga. Well balanced class will challange you in a healthy way and help you to improve your strength, balance and overall well-being. If you have any specific complains that make it impossible for you to join a group class, you might want to consider scheduling a private one.

How do I prepare for the online class?

For the online class you need to prepare your yoga setting. You will need a yoga matt, two blocks, meditation cushion for sitting, belt and a blanket. There is no need in buying all the equipement, you can get creative with what you already have. For example instead of yoga blocks you can use thick books, instead of yoga belt you can use a a long scarf.

What should I wear to a yoga class?

You can wear anything that makes you feel comfortable to move and stretch. Some people like loose clothing and some tight leggings  depending on their prefrences. It is important to have something warmer to put on at the end of the class, like a sweater or socks as body tends to cool down rapidly during final relaxation.

How do I prepare myself for the yoga class?

When it comes to eating and digestion everyone is different, but in general I recommend not eating about 2 hours before the class. If you must eat something than choose a light meal or a snack rather than a large meal. Drink enough water beforehand. Don't wear any perfumes or use strongly scented cosmetics. Take off your jewellary, especially rings,

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