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"I strongly believe in the power of the alignment work, functionality of the the pose over its esthetics and that each asana can be modified to serve needs of the student. When we observe carefully what happens in the body as we move, breathe or slowly fall into deep relaxation state, the focus comes to one. Only than experience of the present moment arises without distractions of the busy mind, creating space to simply enjoy being."
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Your body is your vehicle. Become strong and flexible, improve your overall health and maintain harmony with Yoga Asana practice. 

The more you know about your body and the signals it sends, the more you can rely on it - it is like learning a new language. Every movement, thought or emotion creates physical sensations. When you learn to notice, understand and read them all, you can finally get in charge, follow your intuition and take care of yourself.

 When you practice Yoga Asana regularly:

You feel better and younger. Back pains disappear and you can twist and bend in every direction.

You can move with ease, sit on the floor, get under the bed if necessary or climb the stairs without shortenss of breath.

All your joints (like knees, hips or shoulders) get supple and work as freshly oiled bicycle.

You are full a lot of calm, powerful energy. Metabolism and cleansing processes in the body improve.

Your inner organs and glands receive proper, physical stimulation cousing them to work better.

Tension from tired muscles is regulary released allowing you to rest properly and sleep like a baby.

You learn to recognize different emotions on the physical level and trust your intuition. You are the master of your emotional responses.

You can manage your stress and stay focused, calm and grounded even when you lose the ground from under your feet.

Become aware, focused and in control of your emotional states and reactions with yogic breathing practices of Pranayama.

Breath is a natural connection between the body and mind. When you can recognize your breathing patterns, you can influence your nervous system and the way how the body and mind behave. Becoming the master of the emotional responses allows you to look at yourself and the world around with a healthy distance.  
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When you practice Pranayama regularly: 

You learn how to breathe properly using your diaphragm (famous "belly breath").

You can calm down your senses, remove mental fatigue and relieve anxiety. It is like cleanse for the mind after the long day full of stimuli.

Your quality of sleep improves. It is easier to properly rest and fall into a state of deep relaxation.

Your lungs and heart get stronger and oxygen levels in the blood increase. Work of the inner organs, glands and bodily systems improves.

With time you become a master of your emotional responses. You can control your symphatetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and decrease the levels of stress.

Your vocal cords get stronger and voice more beautiful and clear. It is easier to speak, sing and express yourself with the full and open voice.

Your concentration deepens and focus sharpens. It is easier the learn, memorize and wake up creative thinking.

You are more aware of yourself and who you really are. Goals in life get clearer and it is so much easier to find the right path.

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Rest, heal and create a positive change in your life with the quiet practice of Yoga Nidra.

Proper relaxation means that your body, mind and senses are resting - only than your physical body can truely heal, repaire and grow. During Yoga Nidra the mind is fully aware but the body is in a deep state of relaxation. You can use this practice either to relax and rest or to explore this peculiar state between being awake and asleep, access your subconsciousness and create positive change in your life.

When you practice Yoga Nidra regularly: 

You can fall into the deep state of conscious relaxation. Your mind, intellect, senses and physical body are asleep but you are completely awake and aware of what is going on around you and in your subconsciousness.

Your body gets time and chance to heal, repair and rejuvenate. During the practice bodily functions become minimal and metabolism slows down while the hormon functions increase.

You can recognize and release unhealthy stress. Your autonmic nervouse system gets more responsive and you can control your reactions to the stressful situations.

The quality of your sleep improves. Your body starts to conserve energy, which removes fatigue and rejuvantes the brain. After each session you are fresh and energized.

Concentration deepens and you can stay focused for longer periods of time as your mind becomes clear and calm.

Your memory improves as the ability to retain new informations. Subconsiousness gets cleared from stimuli overload, creating mental space while the efficiency of the brain increases. It works exactly like cleaning the hard drive in the PC.

You develope very strong connection between body and mind. You can direct your awareness inward and discover your needs, golas and issues while exploring your subconsciousness.

You can create a positive change in your life by planting an affirmation (positive goal or intention) right at the source of your subconsciousness, beyond the judgemental mind.

 Practice with me live or online

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Private Yoga 1-on-1

Private yoga classes are focused entirely on your needs and goals. We discover them together and compose a yoga practices with elements of movement, breath, and relaxation that will suit you best. 
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Classes and courses

There are classes, courses, workshops and Yoga Nidra recordings available online. Check where currently the live yoga classes and workshops take place and join me on the mat.
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Nice to see you here!

My name is Asia Jokiel and I teach how to move, breathe and relax to eliminate stress, improve overall health and activate natural healing abilities of the body. If you want to sleep good, feel rested but awake, strong and flexible, focused yet relaxed - this is the right place to be. Using ancient yogic techniques and devoting a bit of a time, we can improve our lives just like that.

FACE YOGA online course!

Learn how to take care of your face with the collection of movements and facial expressions from yoga practices mixed with an Asian art of facial massage.

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