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Meet me for the live classes and workshops or schedule private Yoga class 1-on-1

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Embodied Voice Practice 13.07.2024 in Soest

Somatic movement, breath and full body singing workshop with Asia Jokiel and Ming Janssen. This is not a mantra singing nor a yoga class. It is singing with the full chest and open throat. We are going to connect to our bodies and awaken beautiful, crystal clear sound that can travel through the mountains. No musical experience needed!
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Asia deel_twee_03_daf1c1bc85

Private Yoga 1-on-1 live or via Zoom

I offer highly personalized, private yoga classes in my practice in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. Private classes are 100% focused on your needs and goals. Let's find out together how we can improve your well-being through movement, breath and relaxation.
Asia 23
Asia 23

Live classes every week

Every Monday:
10:00 Hatha Yoga Sivananda
17:30 Hatha Yoga & Pranayama

Every Wedensday:
19:00 Hatha Yoga Sivananda
20:30 Yin Yoga

At Bindi Yoga School in Amersfoort.
Bindi 39
Bindi 39

Yin Yoga with tennis balls

In this class you will learn how to give yourself deep tissue massage and myofascial release by adding tennis balls to the traditional Yin Yoga practice. This technique brings relief to the tired muscles, improves mobility, makes you feel deeply relaxed and helps to prevent development of the trigger points. And the most important: it feels amazing! You will introduce yourself to the whole spectrum of new sensations being all the time in control of your own experience.

Next editions:
There more dates coming in the fall and winter 2024.

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Asia 08_82f4465d70_7e041eec8a_06bacd275b

XXL class Hatha, Nidra, Meditation.

2,5 hours long beautiful yoga class that brings together practices of Classical Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra to achieve the state of aware relaxation. Class is slow paced and includes breathing practice of Pranayama, movement practice of traditional yoga poses (asanas) and deep relaxation with elements of Yoga Nidra, commonly known as yogic sleep. In the end we are going to sit together for 30min and meditate.

Next edition: 14.06.2023, 19:00-21:30, Bindi Yoga, Amersfoort